Growing Toward Tithing Together

Stewardship is not about the church needing money but about our relationship to God and our faithfulness. The truth is that the giver needs to give for his or her own spiritual development. I know that all of us want a closer walk with God and will do anything to improve that relationship. 

To improve that relationship, we are asking that if you are not giving ten percent of your income that you consider raising your giving by 1 percent of your income (GROW-TOWARD-TITHING) or that you GROW-A-STEP in a dollar amount of your own choosing. If you have reached the minimum of giving ten percent, ask yourself, “What percentage of my income is God calling me to give to Christ and his Church?” The ministries of the church depend on you. Our budgeting process this year will start with our income.

The finance committee is working on our budget for 2021. The only way that we can be faithful in setting a budget is by having an estimate of what our giving will be for the next year. That budget estimate depends on you filling out an Estimate of Giving Card. Due to COVID precautions, we are not mailing out or passing out these Estimate of Giving Cards but we are making them available here. 

Please make every effort to fill out your Estimate of Giving card. You can click the picture at the left to open a PDF file of the Estimate of Giving card. To fill it out now, click the "Open in Acrobat" button to enable all the linked items. Once it is completed, click the SUBMIT button to email it to Elaine Stripling in the finance office. This is a secure link and only Elaine will see your estimate of giving card. You can also print out your Estimate of Giving Card and bring it to the church or mail it. Remember, this is just an estimate of what you will be giving in the coming year. Please pray about what percentage of your income God is calling you to give to Christ and his Church. We need EVERY MEMBER on the team! Let’s all GROW (at least ONE) together!

To Introduce Everyone to the Love of Christ!

Thanks for your interest in supporting the ministries of Christ United Methodist Church in Shreveport. Your financial support and generosity help us to create the loving environments that you and your family enjoy on a weekly basis. Click the link below to get started!